Thursday, 1 June 2017


Yesterday i.e. May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, and to celebrate this, I thought of sharing my views on smoking with you all , and the ones I care about, quit the smoking habit now.
I’ve seen a lot of my friends smoking and felt that many of them smoke because it makes them look cool or treat this as an excuse to socialise. That’s how the cigarette companies advertised them earlier also. good positioning isn’t it.
Once you realise that there are no positives to smoking, the craving of cigarettes dips, and quitting becomes a lot easier. It’s all a matter of psychology, a plain simple mind game.
Puffing on a cigarette isn't as satisfying as you think
Many people struggle to quit smoking because they think it has a positive influence on their life. There are usually two positives that get cited: smoking relieves stress and aids concentration. But neither of them is true.
For one, cigarettes alleviate stress in no way whatsoever. In fact, nicotine is a chemical stimulant, so smoking actually agitates you!
Then there is the concentration that smoking supposedly helps. The only reason a smoker feels focused immediately after a cigarette is that, right after smoking, the distraction of craving a cigarette is at its lowest. As soon as your body demands nicotine again, your focus plummets.
“Quitting smoking won’t work if you see it as a sacrifice”.
Wrong ways to quit smoking:
People typically think that we’ll lose the desire to smoke if we go long enough sessions without it and that when you lose desire, you’ve successfully quit. But this only turns quitting into a sacrifice and making it much more difficult to quit.
Another common approach is cutting back cigarettes but by limiting your smoke to special moments, you’ll give smoking an even more positive association. Cutting back doesn’t make your craving less, but it makes you want them even more.
It’s just brainwashing by people & media
We use smoking to relieve ourselves of boredom and stress and to improve our concentration or relaxation. But smoking doesn’t make us less bored or calmer. These ideas are simply brainwashing done by the advertising, media, friends and family. 
On a related note, See this video by Sadhguru on smoking marijuana where presents some excellent insight into the reasons that people smoke and a great alternative to smoking.
Smoking isn’t any habit and nicotine is no hard drug; smoking is just an addiction, but one that can be overcome with the right mindset. You just need to realize that smoking cigarettes have absolutely nothing good to offer. 
Just question why you smoke, and what are you getting out of it. Prove to yourself where is the ROI in smoking and you’ll be able to convince yourself quit smoking very easily.
You won’t also instantly feel the differences after quitting, but you’ll feel the feeling of freedom. Feeling that in spite of knowing it’s extremely unhealthy, the cigarette isn’t controlling you. It doesn’t offer anything good, as soon as you realise this you’ll be on the path towards quitting and quitting for good.
"Every cigarette you don't smoke is doing you good"